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10 Day Itinerary- Galapagos Local
Day 1 Fly to Guayaquil, Ecuador from home. You will be met at the airport and transported to the hotel.
Day 2 Breakfast at the hotel, then a short walk to "Iguana Park" to see the large green iguanas native to Guayaquil. After this, board the bus for a trip to Parque Historica to visit the animals of Ecuador and the history of this beautiful city. Lunch along the Guayas River on Malecon 2000, and then some free time. Evening dinner on the South end of Malecon 2000 outside along the river completes your first day in Ecuador.
Day 3 After an early breakfast, we head to the airport for our flight to San Cristobal, Galapagos. Settle into your room at the hotel, then enjoy a short city tour, welcome lunch, and an afternoon trip to the Darwin Interpretation Center. Meet the agency staff and check out your snorkeling equipment before relaxing in town and enjoying a quiet dinner.
Day 4 Early birds can enjoy the sea lion colony along the Malecon (boardwalk) before breakfast, then board the bus for the "highlands." Here you will have the chance to climb the steps to the top of El Junco Volcano and enjoy the fresh water lagoon on top, and also visit the giant tortoise breeding center, the "Galapaguera." A wonderful lunch in the highlands, a stop at beautiful Puerto Chino beach, and later afternoon return to your hotel. Dinner after you've had a chance to relax.
Day 5 Get ready for your day at sea. After breakfast, change and grab your snorkeling gear, it's off to Leon Dormido ("Kicker Rock"). We will snorkel in and around this landmark, enjoying playful sea lions, sea turtles, tropical fish and invertebrates, eagle rays, and, hopefully, Galapagos sharks and white tipped reef sharks. Divers below may even scare up a hammerhead or two, but don't worry, the are not allowed to eat tourists! Lunch aboard, then a stop at the beach complete your day at sea. Dinner back in town.
Day 6 Don't put away those snorkels yet, because today you will have a chance to visit Lobo Island. Here the giant frigate birds and blue footed boobies should be nesting and rearing their chicks. A sea lion colony on the island sends playful pups into the water to play with you as you snorkel the shallow, calm waters in search of corals, sea turtles, and maybe marine iguanas feeding. Lunch on board and another beautiful beach complete your day before returning to town. Dinner in town.
Day 7 An early flight takes you to Isabela Island after breakfast, and a chance to enjoy this beautiful and secluded island. Here you will have a chance to visit the local tortoise breeding center, flamingo lagoon, walk the white coral beach, and possibly reach the Wall of Tears, if open to vehicles. Lunch in town, and dinner, too. The hotel is along the beach, so get ready to enjoy the fresh ocean air!
Day 8 Penguins on the Equator? Yep, after breakfast we head out in small boats called "Pangas" to enjoy the penguin colony, snorkel, and walk an incredible trail full of adult and baby marine iguanas. It's a fantastic day and we return for lunch and relaxation or more snorkeling before dinner.
Day 9 Don't forget you dramamine tablets or patches for it's a good old speed boat ride after breakfast to Santa Cruz Island. Here you will visit the Darwin Station where the main breeding of tortoises and land iguanas takes place. Enjoy the antics of the baby tortoises as they learn how to get along with each other and compete for food. Then board the bus for a great Santa Cruz "highlands" adventure. Find the giant tortoises in their natural environment, where they roam freely without fences. Check out the twin lava craters known as Los Gemelos and the Scalesia forest before returning to your hotel. Enjoy shopping and your farewell dinner (not included) in town
Day 10 Hopefully you packed before going to bed last night for the bus leaves right after breakfast. The trip across the island takes about 45 minutes, and then there is a ferry across the Ithabaca Channel to Balta Island where the airport is located. Returning to Guayaquil completes your trip and you can continue on to other places or return home, usually the same night.