Galapagos Local is the public tour arm of Galapagos Education L.L.C. and all Terms and Conditions apply

Galapagos Education L.L.C. will do everything within its power to give its patrons the most exciting and fulfilling tour possible, but it must be realized that we are operating in a foreign country where conditions might change due to political, local, weather, or oceanic conditions, or acts of God;  in this case we will substitute other activities or rearrange the itinerary after consultation with you, our clients.  All participants are expected to purchase medical/trip insurance and Galapagos Education L.L.C. is not responsible for any sickness, injury, or loss of life due to any aspects, either directly or indirectly, of the trip.  Galapagos Education L.L.C. is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal property on the trip.  Participants are responsible for any damages they inflict on any of the facilities or personal property of others on the tour.  All participants must insure that they are in good physical condition and medically able to participate in all activities.  Galapagos Education L.L.C. staff must be advised of any special health or food requirements before acceptance to participate.  Many areas are considered moderately rugged and not wheel chair accessible.  If a participant chooses to leave the tour before it is completed for any reason, Galapagos Education L.L.C. will do everything possible to facilitate this decision but NO refunds will be issued for any unused portions of the tour.  


Passports are required by all participants.  Visas are issued upon landing in Guayaquil and no special requirements are needed.  No special shots are needed for Galapagos, but Hepatitis B and Tetanus are recommended.  It is essential that you check the expiration date of your passport; passports expiring within 6 months of the final date of the tour are NOT valid and a new passport MUST be obtained.  Be sure you also have at least 2 empty passport pages in your passport.  It is the responsibility of the participant to secure a valid passport prior to leaving on the trip.

Age Requirements

Any special paperwork for minor children must be completed prior to departure.  Very small children must be closely supervised as the lava rocks which abound in Galapagos are very sharp and unforgiving if someone falls on them.

Contacting Participants on Trips

All inhabited islands, except Floreana, have internet cafes and telephone booths.  All participants will be given an emergency contact telephone number the Galapagos Education L.L.C. staff in Ecuador prior to departure.  Internet wifi is available in most hotels in the Islands (not in rooms, though).


When planning your costs for your tour, please consider the following:  You must book your flight from home to Guayaquil, Ecuador.  We can help if you do not have a travel agent.  Please see our link to Sue Doyle for help in this area.  At the airport there is a $20 fee for passport check in, and we can roll this into the cost or you can pay at the airport (this is when you head for Galapagos and gives you a temporary ID card).  When you land in Galapagos you must pay the National Park entrance fee in cash.  This is currently $100.00 and is expected to rise to $200.00 in 2016; subject to change.

Your tour includes almost everything else you need except souvenirs and additional beverages at meals.  The final meal in Galapagos is usually on your own.  We include your flight to Galapagos R/T from Guayaquil (Quito is an additional charge).  We include all hotels (double occupancy, additional charge for single occupancy), all meals, land and sea transportation, and Galapagos National Park certified guides.  We include tips for boats and buses and other personnel.  Longer trips are encouraged to include a special tip for your guide at the end ($10 per person or whatever you would like).  In some cases you may have to pay an airport tax, but currently there is none; always subject to change.  We highly encourage you to get trip insurance including medical evacuation and possibly trip cancellation.  

We encourage you to check the web for our competitor prices, we honestly believe you cannot beat our prices due to low advertising and no overhead and the use of local people to handle all our our tours.  Be sure to see if the Galapagos flight is included in their prices!  We are usually $500-$1000.00 or more below other tours and offer the most personal service you will find.  

Prices vary according to group size, time of the year, and itinerary.  Please contact us for a personalized quote.  Ball park prices for a group of 10 people may be from $1500-$2800 for our 5-10 day tours, but please contact us for a complete quote.

Citizens and Residents of Ecuador- your costs are reduced by government standards for your island flight, and National Park fees, contact us for these price reductions.

Children under the age of 12 generally receive a 50% reduction in National Park fee, check with us for further clarification.

Making a Payment

All participants must submit a $500.00 deposit to retain a seat on the tour ($700.00 if North Seymour is selected).  This pays to reserve the air fareand will be forfeited if you cancel without being replaced by another participant.  Deposits are  due 90 days before the start of your tour and final payment is due 60 days before departure. 


After final payment is received, refunds will be made according to the following schedule:  90-60 days prior to the tour start date, 100% of the total cost of the trip minus the deposit; 59-41 days prior to the tour start date, 50% minus the deposit; 40-0 days prior to the tour start date, no refunds are possible.  However, if a replacement person is found, a full refund will be made minus a $100.00 change fee that we must pay to our agency for the airline change of ticket.  If the trip is cancelled by Galapagos Education L.L.C. for any reason, all payments will be completely refunded.


All payments are in USD, United States dollars.  Generally, tour payments to Galapagos Education L.L.C. do NOT include airport exit taxes (if any), the Galapagos National Park fee paid upon landing in Galapagos at the airport, currently $100.00, or the passport fee $20.00 levied at the airport in Guayaquil for all visitors to Galapagos.  Tour prices include air fare R/T to Galapagos from Guayaquil, hotels, guides, land and sea transportation in Galapagos, and all food except the final night's dinner in Galapagos, unless special arrangements have been made.  Your payment does NOT include any air fare from your home or point of origin to Guayaquil, Ecuador, or the return flight home - those reservations are the responsibility of the participant.  Tips are also included except for the Guide at the end of the tour if part of a group of 8 or more.  MAKING YOUR TOUR DEPOSIT IMPLIES THAT YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS LISTED ON THE WEB SITE.  Last minute participant?  Contact us about how we can still make this trip happen!


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